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How do Israeli children integrate into the Slovak education system?

If you have dreamed of immigrating to a European country but were concerned about the cost of living, Slovakia offers you the opportunity to study, work, live, and even develop thriving businesses with relatively low cost of living compared to leading countries, while maintaining innovation and advancement similar to major cities, breathtaking landscapes, large shopping centers, advanced public transportation, diverse job opportunities, excellent universities and colleges, and of course, excellent education for children. In this article, we will describe how you can properly integrate your children into the Slovak education system for a successful integration process in the country.

Immigration to Europe

The decision to immigrate to a European country is accompanied by great excitement and the expectation of a better future. However, for your integration to be perfect, your children need to integrate well into the Slovak education system and feel that they belong. The education system in Slovakia is considered very good and at a high European level, starting from kindergartens to higher education institutions. If you are considering immigration, you can seek our assistance to visit various educational institutions to get an impression of them. It is also important to know that the young population in Slovakia speaks English, and the local Jewish community is very supportive of the immigrating Israelis.

Integration of Children in a New Country

There is no doubt that immigration is a complex emotional and social matter for children of all ages. The best way to facilitate a good and comfortable integration for children in a new country is to prepare them well in advance. The first step is to talk to the child and explain that you are considering moving to another country and that it is an opportunity for them to learn a new language, make new friends, and see new landscapes. The second step would be a visit to the destination country before the move, which can greatly help reduce anxieties and fears, especially if the visit is accompanied by many positive experiences and during which the child can see the kindergarten or school they are supposed to start learning at, the environment they are going to live in, and the area that will become their new home. The third step would be language acquisition before the move, according to their level and ability, and initial familiarity with the local culture.

Which Culture and Language will the Children Encounter?

The Slovak population is composed of Hungarians, Czechs, Slavs, and other ethnic minorities such as Poles, Ukrainians, and Austrians. Slovakia has undergone many transformations as a country, and its borders have changed over the years due to various agreements. Even though they all speak Slovak, some still speak their native language to some extent (similar to Switzerland, which has French and German speakers with their own dialects) and maintain customs, cuisine, and holidays related to their original culture. European education generally allows for the acquisition of more than one language in schools, and your children will be able to learn German, French, English, or any other language they choose to secure their future in higher education institutions and integration into future employment.

How do Israeli children integrate into the Slovak education system?

There is no doubt that there are differences between Israeli culture and Slovak culture. The process of children’s integration involves adapting to the general rules of the school and kindergarten and integrating with the local population. It is important to remember that children are naturally adaptable, and just as large populations from Russia, Ethiopia, and Arab countries integrated relatively quickly into Israel, you will also see how your children learn to absorb the local culture and adapt to it quickly. In order to make your integration faster and easier, we can provide you with the following services:

Zoom consultation: Considering immigration? Talk to us and receive preliminary advice in all aspects of life, including registration for kindergartens, schools, and universities.

Preliminary tour in Bratislava: The best way to get a sense of the immigration possibility is to visit Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. There’s nothing better than seeing with your own eyes and touring the residential neighborhoods, educational institutions, shopping centers, and parks in the city.

Optional apartment tours: You can explore rental or sale apartments based on your criteria, such as the number of rooms, rental prices, and more.

Car rental check: You can visit several car rental and sales companies to get an impression of prices and options.

Enjoyment and entertainment in local attractions: To get a feel for the atmosphere, you can spend a few days in Slovakia, dine at local restaurants, enjoy special attractions such as ancient castles, go shopping at malls, and take tours around the city.

After Immigration

If you choose to immigrate to Slovakia, we can provide you with translation services, assistance in registering for various educational institutions, help in understanding different contracts such as apartment leases and car rentals, obtaining a residence permit (blue card), legal consultation services, accounting management, assistance in opening a business, and finding employment. Talk to us, and we will provide you with comprehensive advice and all the necessary information before making a decision to immigrate to the country.


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