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It is very important to have reliable partners for organizing your event; it is priceless to know that you can trust the crew of professionals that you are working with. We have a huge experience in organizing all sorts of events – from celebrations that were made for just family members and/or closest friends to huge public ones for thousands of people, and we can ensure you that with us you will feel safe.

We will help you with making all sorts of the arrangements on the territories of Austria, Hungary or Slovakia that you might need for your celebration, and no matter if it’s going to be a kid’s birthday, anniversary, stag or bachelorette party or a wedding.

For your convenience, we will control all the rentals – from the site to sound and light equipment; we will help you finding the best photographers and videographers to memorize the event and designers to make everything look stylish and pretty – from the invitations to the interiors on the site.

You choose what you’d like to have – authentic local cuisine or something internationally popular; to rent a castle, loft or a restaurant; modern or classical style – in any case we guarantee you that it will be convenient for you and at the end you’ll be satisfied with the work done.

In addition, we can help with preparing and filling in all the needed documents, provide you or your guests with visa support and apostille the documents if needed.

Are you thinking about relocation? If you are interested in a consultation and/or tour of Slovakia before making an important decision, leave your contacts and read the article on this topic.


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