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To get there – a unique agency that provides not only consultancy services to help people move to Slovakia, but also helps them to make their life at the new place as easy and comfortable as it can be.

We do a full range of consultations on all questions that may appear during moving. We can help you to get the residence permit based on opening your business, through admission to a local university or through family reunion. We will help you to find a school or kindergarten for your kids, provide with quality accountant services, tell you about the specifics of living in the country and what people are like there.

It doesn’t matter which way you would choose for your immigration – business, studies, family or finding a job that needs your high professional skills – you need to remember that it’s going to be all-different than in your home country. What would seem to you weird or illogical would be normal for locals and vice versa. That is the exact reason why we do full legal support for you: you can have consultations in your language with us online or in one of our offices. We will help you to open your business abroad and get your temporary residency permit. With us you’d be able to go through the adaptation process easily – we’ll help you find a good kindergarten or school for your kids, get the right medical insurance, find a good accountant, start language courses, enroll into university, figure out how to deal with tax service, how to buy real estate etc.

Some time ago, we had the same experience of moving into the EU. We met great lawyers and amazing accountants, and now are proud to be working with them. We found all the hidden hazards and can make your moving experience good.

In addition, we provide unique service of event management on the territories of Austria, Hungary and Slovakia: weddings, birthdays, stag or bachelorette parties. Everything will be included – from invitations design to visa support for your guests and logistics.

We have offices in Slovakia and Israel, we use different types of payment and find individual scheme of work for everyone.

Contact us and get your first consultation on the questions you are interested in. We will do our best for you to feel home in a new country!

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