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We can help you to get the residence permit based on opening your business in Slovakia, through admission to a local university or through family reunion.

Residence permit in Slovakia

There are few options to obtain the residence permit in Slovakia

Adaptation in the country

When you come to a new country and get your residence permit, you meet your new and all-different casual life.

Investing in real estate

Interest in Slovakia from foreigners grows with each passing year, as the stable economic and political environment positively impacts housing prices in the country.

Opening your business in the EU

The next moment you start a company on the territory of Slovakia, you get the access to all the European markets and goods on the same rights as citizens of the EU.

Accounting services

Let’s admit this: the performance of your company is highly dependent on the quality of accounting and law services that you use for it.

Law services

In Slovakia, as well as everywhere else in the EU, businessmen and directors of companies use law and notary services almost every week.


It is very important to have reliable partners for organizing your event; it is priceless to know that you can trust the crew of professionals that you are working with.
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