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In Slovakia, as well as everywhere else in the EU, businessmen and directors of companies use law and notary services almost every week.

For a person that is new in the country it will be very hard to distinguish all the different ‘ziadostej’ (applications, questionnaires), ‘plnomocenstv’ (letter of attorney) and vyhlaseny (approvals) which have to be written in perfect Slovak and notarized. To be honest, it’s still hard to do it even after living in the country for a couple of years. The workflow is built the certain way – everything has to be checked and endorsed by an attorney. Sometimes the state services call and ask to bring them some extra documents, in such situation, you absolutely need someone to represent your interests in Slovak language, and if that person were Ph.D. in law, this would most likely promote the process.

Our services: audit, representing your interests in state services such as tax and migration police, customs, etc. We can help you with managing the transactions of purchasing or selling cars or real estate, fill in the contracts and official documents in Slovak, in accordance with the legal norms of Slovakia for you.

Are you thinking about relocation? If you are interested in a consultation and/or tour of Slovakia before making an important decision, leave your contacts and read the article on this topic.

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Representation of your interests

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