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Slovakia is a wonderful country to live in. Its citizens enjoy high standards of living, safety, and low corruption rates. Additionally, it is part of the European Union, which offers an astounding assortment of opportunities for its citizens. However, what if one wants to become a Slovakian citizen without having any prior European citizenship? Read on to find out all about the process.

The Advantages of Slovakian Citizenship

As mentioned, Slovakia is part of the European Union. Therefore, all the privileges of being a citizen of the union immediately apply to those with Slovakian citizenship. This opens many opportunities in terms of jobs, transportation, and government subsidies.

One of the biggest advantages of European citizenship is the fact that every citizen is permitted to work, live, and study in any other country that forms a part of the EU. Whether you have Slovakian citizenship or any other, you may enjoy full rights when traveling to other countries. This also includes shortened queue lines at airports as well as a free passage between member – countries by bus or by car.

An advantage that lies within the Slovakian passport itself is its international “Strength”. The Slovakian passport is considered very “Strong”, that is it provides access to many different countries without requiring a special visa permit. This also includes the US, which is a country that is notorious for its strict visa policies even towards close allies.

As for Slovakia itself, it is considered a high – income country with great healthcare services and a wide range of other social services. It also has beautiful views and a laid – back lifestyle among its citizens. Its educational institutions are highly ranked universally speaking, and it also ranks highly in terms of civil liberties and freedom of the press.

What are the Differences between Slovakian Citizenship and Permanent Residency?

As a Slovakian permanent resident, you’ll enjoy almost all of the above – mentioned privileges a European citizen enjoys. That is, living, studying, and working in Slovakia, as well as the ability to purchase real estate, be provided with healthcare services, obtain a driver’s license and purchase a car, and many other benefits.

However, the main difference between permanent residency and citizenship with the EU is the ability to own a passport. A passport belonging to any nation of the European Union grants the ability to live, work, and study in all of the participating nations. A permanent resident, however, does not own a Slovakian passport and therefore lacks a European passport.

How Does One Obtain Slovakian Citizenship?

As with many other European countries, the easiest way to obtain Slovakian citizenship is Slovakian citizenship by descent. This means that you apply for citizenship based on the claim that one of your parents or grandparents was a past Slovakian citizen.

However, even if one does not have any Slovakian lineage, obtaining citizenship is still possible, and not even that complicated. One can easily apply for a work visa within Slovakia and live there. If one decides to stay there for long enough, they can eventually apply to become a naturalized European citizen and therefore be granted the option to become a Slovakian citizen as well.

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What Does the Process of Obtaining Slovakian Citizenship Involve?

To truly ascertain your Slovakian citizenship through descent, you must prove that you indeed have a Slovakian lineage. To do this, you must find suitable documents that without a doubt portray your origin. This includes a birth certificate, real estate contracts, death certificate, or any other document that proves your past.

The best place to start searching is most likely one of your parents’ or grandparents’ houses. The other option would be searching in national archives, but these are often difficult and time – consuming. This is especially true for those who lived there before WWII because of Slovakia’s political past and transition from a Communist state to a democracy.

Once such a document is found, you must have it translated and properly prepared for submission to the Slovakian ministry of foreign affairs. This should be phrased and worded in legally acceptable terms which will be agreeable to the ministry and available to be sent for approval.

A Solid Course for Obtaining Slovakian Citizenship

We’ve discussed the conditions, advantages, and process of obtaining Slovakian citizenship. While all this may sound simple and easy to handle, one should always keep in mind that bureaucracy tends to go wrong and become an incredibly slow process. That’s where Togetthere comes in.

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