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Why immigrate to Slovakia?

The decision to move abroad is undoubtedly one of the most complex and significant decisions in a person’s life. Therefore, when choosing a country to immigrate to, many details should be taken into account. Even within the borders of the European Union, there are significant differences between countries, and on the other hand, there may be many personal and specific criteria that affect the decision. In this article, we have gathered a number of reasons why Israelis are immigrating to Slovakia, even though it is a relatively small country and perhaps not as popular as Germany, England, or France. Immigration to Slovakia has become a popular route recently, and if you read our list, you may understand why it is not surprising! So here are all the reasons to immigrate to Slovakia:

Calm and peace – The pace of life in Slovakia is very calm, which speaks to many Israelis. Even in the capital, Bratislava, there is no feeling of pressure, of many people, of a giant and noisy metropolis – but at the same time, especially in Bratislava and its suburbs, you will find all the conveniences of the modern world.

Cost of living – Expenses in Slovakia are relatively low compared to most European countries. Therefore, even if salaries there are lower than in other countries, you can save more and allow yourself a higher standard of living. You can always find remote work in Israel or continue to work in your job abroad, an advantage for an Israeli salary in the living conditions of Slovakia.

Mentality – Slovaks are friendly, kind, and open-minded. Slovaks have a reputation as friendly people who are willing to offer, help, advise, and guide. So on the one hand, there are the advantages of European mentality – kindness, courtesy, and tranquility, and on the other hand, there is openness and friendliness that are not found in many other areas in Europe.

Security – Slovakia has one of the lowest crime rates among European Union countries. One of the factors is the particularly low number of alcohol and drug addicts. The national character of Slovaks is very calm and not fond of conflicts. They adhere to accepted norms by their own free will. For example, no one will make noise in an apartment building after 9:00 p.m. You will hardly encounter any aggression, impatience, disrespect, or rudeness in everyday life. The rate of road accidents there is also low, for the trivial reason that the vast majority of drivers simply adhere to traffic rules.

Location – Slovakia is located in the heart of Europe, making it easy to reach any corner of the continent, both for business purposes and for travel. The Bratislava airport is not large, but it is easy to reach the international airport in Vienna or Budapest. Also, you can easily reach all neighboring countries by public transportation (train, bus) or by car, to the sea (in Slovenia or Croatia), or to the ski area.

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Infrastructure – developed and affordable transportation, numerous parks and green spaces, clean streets, successful leisure areas, recycling systems and waste separation, open shelters for abandoned animals, and more. The keyword is comfort and peace, and the absence of noise, congestion, and pollution, because that’s how Slovaks like it. Many choose Slovakia because of the quality of the environment – clean air, good water, beautiful nature, and moderate climate even in our climate crisis days. There is sometimes snow in winter, but temperatures usually do not drop below 7 degrees Celsius below zero, and in summer there are almost no very hot days.

Ease of business management – Slovakia is a country with one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. This means, first and foremost, many opportunities for your business, including the option to work with other European companies or countries. Corruption is very rare in Slovakia, and there are no administrative barriers, on the contrary, the country encourages opening businesses and provides temporary residence for those who open a business there, even with relatively low turnover. Taxes are also relatively low.

Education, health, and welfare – Education in schools and universities is free. The main condition for acceptance to the institutions is knowledge of the Slovak language. Kindergartens and schools are considered good, and children receive a lot of attention. The healthcare system in Slovakia is good, there is mandatory health insurance even for foreigners, and there is a response to a variety of health issues. In addition, Slovakia, which was formerly part of Czechoslovakia under Soviet rule, has maintained some socialist welfare policies, such as relatively high child benefits and long paid maternity leave.

In conclusion, it is important to note that there are almost no expressions of any kind of hatred towards foreigners in Slovakia, and usually when you say you are Israeli, people are nice and interested. There are definitely good reasons for relocation to Slovakia, which can be a list of considerations for immigration to Europe. If you are indeed considering this step, it is important to consult with a company that specializes in assisting Israelis who want to move to Slovakia, to understand how much the whole thing is suitable for your family and what steps you need to take.

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