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What are the most in-demand professions in Slovakia?

Slovakia is a small European country, located in the center of Europe in a relatively successful way (bordering the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, and Poland), with beautiful nature and a rapidly developing economy. Therefore, it attracts young people and families who are interested in settling there and looking for work in a variety of fields. Even in the midst of the global economic crisis, there are many job opportunities here, which is why many people choose the option of emigrating to Slovakia. Legal employment allows you to obtain a temporary residence permit, which in itself allows you to receive various social benefits. And after a few years of residency, you will also be eligible for a Slovak passport, which is one of the strongest passports in the world and provides you with all the advantages of European citizenship.

Although the unemployment rate in Slovakia has been quite high since 2020, reaching 7.5 percent, Israeli workers with good English and international experience are still in demand. Among other things, there are many positions available for professionals in the industry: chemistry, paper, textile, and others. Additionally, there are positions in the tourism industry, such as ski tourism. If you’ve always dreamed of being a ski guide, it’s entirely relevant, as it is mostly international tourism, and the language you will work in is English. And of course, international hi-tech companies would be happy to employ excellent professionals, even if it means obtaining a temporary work permit for them. In any case, you will need to demonstrate your professional skills and communication abilities, as there is competition. In Slovakia, like many small countries, there is no obstacle to employing family members and friends if they are suitable in terms of education and skills. Therefore, the business owner must have high motivation to employ someone foreign, and from another country, although Israeli workers are valued there to some extent.

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When looking for work in Slovakia, first, ask yourself what the advantages of emigrating to Slovakia are?

Well, first of all, the quality of life is good, with security, a fairly stable economy, low taxes, relatively inexpensive living expenses, beautiful nature, a variety of activities, and the residents are hospitable and pleasant. Regarding real estate prices, they are still much cheaper than the norm in Israel. The infrastructure in Slovakia is good, so you can work remotely if you wish. Finally, Slovakia is a country with a high level of social protection, affordable health insurance, and an excellent location in the center of Europe, convenient for travel and trips around the continent. The most in-demand professions in Slovakia are divided into several areas: construction, catering, tourism, automotive, medical, industry, and hi-tech. In the construction field, workers such as carpenters and plumbers, as well as engineers, are required. In the tourism industry, there is a need for tourist guides and hotel staff with excellent English, of course. In the catering industry, there is always a need for cooks and waiters, as well as food engineers. Mechanics, automotive engineers, and technicians are also in demand. Finally, all the professions in the hi-tech field, programmers, engineers, and so on.

Another important field to mention is the sports field. Most Slovaks love sports, so if this is your field (for example, martial arts instructors), there is a good chance you will be quite sought after in Slovakia. But maybe it will require you to start your own business. Fortunately, the process is not complicated, and taxes are low, and Slovaks give an ashtray that would benefit those who open their own business. The average salary in the country is around 1000 euros, in hi-tech around 2000 euros, and the minimum wage is close to 600 euros, and residents of the capital city, Bratislava, have the highest income, but it should be noted that their expenses are also higher. Monthly expenses for a family of four, not including rent, are around 1000-1500 euros.

The 5 most sought-after professions in Slovakia

More and more Israelis are looking to work and live in Europe, including in Slovakia, which is a beautiful and peaceful country located in the center of the continent. It should be noted that anyone who wishes to work in Slovakia needs a work permit, which can be obtained through the employer or, in the case of family unification or obtaining a residence permit for business purposes, a spouse can obtain a work permit after one year of residence, or obtain a private approval from the Ministry of Welfare if they wish to start working before then. The first step is, of course, to get a job in a Slovak or international company operating in Slovakia. The company will then need to convince the Slovak authorities that it specifically needs an employee like you and that there are not enough local workers with the same expertise. This is more likely to happen if you hold a sought-after profession in Slovakia. In this article, we will talk about the five most sought-after professions.

How can you work legally in Slovakia?

To work legally in Slovakia, you will need to obtain a work permit that grants temporary residency status. This status is granted to anyone who enters Slovakia and holds an entry and residence permit. There are three types of permits that grant temporary residency: a work permit, a student permit granted to those who have been accepted to study in Slovakia, and a business permit granted for opening a business (a limited liability company, a licensed entrepreneur or an exempt entrepreneur) in Slovakia.

Those who hold a permit granting them temporary residency are entitled to some of the rights granted to European citizens, including the right to purchase real estate, to education for children, to health insurance and housing, and the right to obtain a license and free movement between European Union countries.

What are the five professions with which you can easily find work in Slovakia?

Many people in the country are looking for an opportunity to diversify and develop and are looking for work in their profession around the world, both for a short period and for a long period. These are the five most sought-after professions in Slovakia:

  1. Medical field – professionals such as doctors, nurses and other medical personnel will be sought after due to the basic dependency on those in this profession. In addition, many candidates for medicine from Israel decide to try their luck abroad due to the difficult admission conditions for medical professions in the country.
  2. Engineering field – there is a demand for experienced engineers. However, since the engineering industry is broad and includes different subfields (such as materials engineering, product engineering, electrical engineering, and more), it is important to note that there is a gap in demand between certain subfields. For example, materials engineers will be more in demand than product engineers.
  3. Science field – there is a broad demand for scientists, with a desire to develop the field, learn from the knowledge of scientists from different countries around the world, and bring a new message to the world. Those who work in science can also obtain a study permit thanks to the research they will conduct in Slovakia. It is advisable to contact various universities and see which one is active in your field.
  4. IT field – the IT industry includes a range of jobs and is considered a developing and rewarding field, both in Israel and in other countries around the world. The fact that work is done on a computer and there is no need to physically arrive at the office, and the knowledge that the job market in this field is larger in Europe, has driven many Israelis to seek opportunities to move to these countries and find work in this field.
  5. Information security and software development – Israel is considered one of the leading countries in the field of security and software, and therefore there are many countries around the world, including Slovakia, that are looking to employ Israelis with knowledge and English speakers
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