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The transition to Slovakia: A new path to legal work in the European Union

Anyone who has ever dreamed of working in Europe is familiar with the challenges along the way. Complex visa processes, searching for employers willing to invest in hiring foreign workers, and the risk of dealing with work permit issuance. But what if there is another way, a way that allows you to work abroad without a visa, have control over your career, and ensure that you are working legally overseas?

If you are young and seeking to experience life in Europe, embark on exciting journeys, enjoy breathtaking nature, make new friends, experience nightlife in pubs, and earn money in Europe, we have good news for you. Togetthere offers the perfect opportunity for you. However, it is important to remember that in order to work with Togetthere, you need to be a legal worker in the country, and we will discuss this in the article.

Working with Togetthere is a smart and legal way to earn money in Europe, as long as you have temporary residence and an exempted business, which allows you to fully experience European life. Instead of dealing with the bureaucratic hassle of returning to your home country or crossing borders every three months, if you do not have a valid permit in the European Union, you can simply rely on our company to obtain a residence permit and establish an exempted business.

So, how does it work? We simply open a business, arrange for your residence permit, and you start selling products or services throughout the European Union. It is an excellent way to get to know the local culture, gain business experience, and earn money during the process.

So, which country are we talking about? First and foremost, the solution is in Slovakia – a country that is a member of the European Union and allows you to start your own business, giving you the right to work abroad without a visa. It is a unique opportunity to try your hand at your own business and live in Europe while discovering the many opportunities the European Union offers. It is an opportunity to experience work in different countries without the need to invest time and effort in the visa process.

And the biggest advantage? You are working legally abroad. There is no need to worry about legal complications or unnecessary risks. Your business in Slovakia ensures that you work while complying with the laws and regulations of the European Union.

Are you thinking about relocation? If you are interested in a consultation and/or tour of Slovakia before making an important decision, leave your contacts and read the article on this topic.

Beyond the transition to the hub of opportunities, there are several impressive advantages to owning a business in Slovakia and working in Europe:

  • Work abroad without a visa: When you own a business in Slovakia, you can work throughout the European Union without the need for a work visa. It simplifies bureaucratic procedures and allows you to focus on what you love.
  • Work permit in Europe: As a business owner, you receive a work permit that allows you to work in any country within the European Union. There is no need to wait for specific legal approvals or search for employers willing to hire a foreign worker.
  • Legal work abroad: Your business enables you to work legally abroad, ensuring that you comply with the laws and regulations of the European Union.
  • Employers are not afraid to hire you abroad: Since you have an exempted or authorized business, employers will not hesitate to hire you.
    Freelance contract option: You can be self-employed, allowing you to close contracts independently throughout the European Union.
  • Bank accounts in Slovakia: Your business allows you to open bank accounts in Slovakia, enabling you to manage your finances efficiently.
  • Earning money in Slovakia: With your business, you can earn money throughout the European Union and pay taxes in Slovakia, which are lower than in other countries.
  • Health insurance: As residents of Slovakia, you are entitled to health insurance.
  • Car rental option: As residents of Slovakia, you can easily and conveniently rent

Everyone is searching for ways to fulfil their work dreams abroad, and opening a business in Slovakia can turn that dream into reality. So, if you’re looking for a smart way to work abroad, the answer lies in Slovakia. Start your business, obtain temporary residence, and begin exploring the opportunities that await you in the European Union.

Our company is here to guide you at every step. We assist in opening your business in Slovakia, allowing you to focus on what you do best—working. We wish you success in your new journey!

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