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  • Relocation story to Bratislava with TGETTHERE


    Relocation story to Bratislava with TGETTHERE

    David and Aliza lived their entire lives in Israel. David was a software engineer, and Aliza was a family doctor. They loved their homeland very much but always dreamed of experiencing life elsewhere in the world. They had been talking about it for years, but the pandemic brought changes in people’s work perception. During and after the pandemic, many businesses started working remotely or in a hybrid manner. One day, David approached his employer and asked if it would be okay for him to work remotely full-time because they were already working from home three days a week, and if given the opportunity to work remotely, they could consider moving to Europe. His employer agreed, and they finally decided to take the step.

    Concerns about the transition

    David worked for a high-tech company in Israel. He knew that there was a branch of his company in Bratislava, so he knew he could work from the company’s offices in Bratislava if needed. He was very excited to meet new people, but he knew he couldn’t do it alone. He needed to find a reliable relocation company that could assist him and his wife in the transition. After doing some research, they came across TGETTHERE, a company specialized in assisting migrants to Slovakia, specifically, and Europe in general, to settle in their new homes.

    Contacting the company

    David and Aliza were immediately impressed by the comprehensive services provided by TGETTHERE. They received immediate help in finding accommodation, opening bank accounts, and arranging all the necessary paperwork. But what they appreciated even more was TGETTHERE’s commitment to make their transition as smooth as possible.

    Arriving in Slovakia

    When David and his wife arrived at the Vienna airport, a TGETTHERE representative welcomed them and helped them navigate the airport and reach their temporary accommodation. TGETTHERE assisted them in planning their tour of Bratislava. Before their arrival, they had a Zoom meeting with a company representative to plan their visits in Bratislava. The representative prepared a well-organized schedule for them and offered routes for the necessary tours, such as residential neighborhoods, car dealerships, banks, and more. The representative also took them on a city tour, showing them the best malls, restaurants, shops, and services. They felt well taken care of and didn’t feel insecure, despite it being a very challenging experience for them.

    Aliza’s new job

    Aliza tried to find a job as a family doctor in Bratislava. She knew the process would be challenging, but after the pandemic, many countries were in need of medical teams and invested significant efforts to help new employees adapt to a new environment and adjust to the local language. Aliza understood that she needed to learn the local regulations and find a clinic that would suit her skills and experience. The company Togetthere assisted her at every stage of the process and recommended a local clinic called PRO CARE, arranging a job interview for her as well.

    The adaptation process

    David and Aliza quickly adapted to their new life in Bratislava. They explored the city and its surroundings, trying out new restaurants, cafes, and bars. They made new friends and joined the local Jewish community and synagogue, which seemed welcoming and inclusive to them. David liked the new office environment and was impressed by the level of collaboration and innovation he found in the local team. Meanwhile, Aliza found a fulfilling job and joined a local health insurance fund, dedicating herself to serving the local community.

    They appreciated Togetthere’s attention to detail and their willingness to go above and beyond to ensure they felt welcome in their new home.

    Company support and assistance

    They felt throughout the entire process that their decision to work with Togetthere was the right one. The company was there for them at every

    stage of the journey, from the moment they arrived at the airport to the day they entered their new apartment. The company provided them with a range of services, including assistance in finding accommodation, opening a bank account, registering for medical treatment, and obtaining work permits. They also helped David improve his Slovak language skills, which he found essential in his daily life and work.
    The personal touch of the company

    In addition to the practical support provided by Togetthere, David and Aliza appreciated the personal connection the company established with them. They felt the personal guidance and care from the company’s staff, which went beyond mere customer service. The company’s representatives helped them navigate cultural differences, understand local customs and traditions, and provided practical advice on how to make the most of their new home.

    Choosing a place to live

    For example, when David and Aliza were searching for a place to live, the company recommended a neighborhood close to the city center with a good blend of shops, restaurants, and parks. They also introduced them to several local Israeli groups, which helped them find a supportive community. When they encountered bureaucratic hurdles, the company offered guidance and practical assistance, helping them navigate through various administrative processes and obtain the necessary documents and permits.

    Happiness at last

    Over time, David and Aliza began to see Bratislava as their new home. They loved the city’s blend of old-world charm and modern amenities, its vibrant arts scene, and music festivals, as well as its proximity to other destinations in Europe. They appreciated the slower pace of life, which allowed them more time to focus on their family, work, and personal interests. They were grateful for the opportunities their relocation had provided, including the chance to learn a new language, explore a new culture, and build new friendships.

    In summary

    Looking back on their experience, David and Aliza knew that their decision to work with Togetthere was instrumental in their success. Without the company’s support and guidance, their relocation process would have been much more daunting and challenging. They valued the professionalism, expertise, and commitment of Togetthere in making their transition as smooth as possible. They appreciated the company’s attention to detail, as well as their willingness to go above and beyond to ensure they felt at home in their new surroundings.

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