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    Medicine in Slovakia

    As in all European countries, there is compulsory health insurance in Slovakia, which can be public or commercial. Citizens of Slovakia or holders of permanent residence use state insurance, which is paid by the employer or personally in case of managing business or unemployment. For holders of a residence permit, the conditions are slightly different – people with a work contract and owners of individual entrepreneurs are required to have state insurance, to which all minors under the age of 18 are attached free of charge. LLC owners, students, foreigners with family reunification IDs can take advantage of limited (emergency) or extended full commercial insurance.

    Benefits of state insurance:

    The insurance covers almost everything: supervision by specialists, hospitalization, and all types of operations, pregnancy, observation of newborns, rehabilitation.
    The minimum and maximum amount of insurance premiums are limited, in 2020 the minimum insurance premium is 70.91 EUR.
    Most of the medical services in Slovakia are provided free of charge. There is a copay for some prescription pills, dental services, and medical devices.
    State insurance makes it possible to contact almost all doctors in Slovakia, as they all have contracts with state insurance companies. You can choose a doctor yourself if you want.

    Disadvantages of government insurance:

    Limited dental coverage: only annual check-ups and acute treatment are available under insurance.
    Non-essential medical procedures such as cosmetic surgery, sterilization, medical treatment abroad are not covered by the insurance. ..
    There are limits on the payment for medical services in serious cases when surgery or other expensive treatment is needed. If the limit does not cover the total cost for treatment, then you need to pay extra yourself. To increase the limits and increase the coverage of insured events, you can buy additional insurance.

    Companies working with state insurance:
    1. Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa
    2. Dôvera zdravotná poisťovňa
    3. Union zdravotná poisťovňa

    Commercial insurance companies:
    1. Union zdravotná poisťovňa
    2. Maxima
    3. Axa

    Ambulance is free for state and commercial insurance holders (if included in the commercial insurance package). However, there is a rule that if you can get to the hospital yourself (fever, poisoning, bruise, etc.) you are asked to come to the clinic at pohotovost ‘(Emergency Department).
    An ambulance in Slovakia arrives quickly, doctors are well equipped, which can really help in an emergency. The ambulances are also well equipped.

    Medicines in pharmacies are sold strictly according to a doctor’s prescription and are partially or fully compensated by the insurance company. Over-the-counter medicines are more expensive.
    Medicine in general is at a good level, especially when it comes to an emergency.

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