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Acquiring Slovak citizenship

Slovakia was established in 1993 after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia, and it is part of the European Union. In recent years, Slovakia has become an attractive destination for individuals and families for relocation due to its pleasant climate, beautiful scenery, and the fact that you can enjoy a high quality of life at a relatively low cost compared to Israel. In addition, the Slovakian passport is one of the strongest in the world, and holders of this passport are entitled to various rights and benefits both in Slovakia and in other EU countries. In this article, we will detail the conditions for obtaining citizenship or residency permits in the country.

The process of obtaining Slovakian citizenship starts with temporary residency

If you choose to migrate to Slovakia, you will need to decide whether to apply for citizenship (if you are eligible according to your parents’ or grandparents’ origin) or a temporary residence permit, if you do not have roots in this country.

If you choose a temporary residence permit, you will need to submit an application for each family member who is interested in obtaining it, along with data on each of them, including marriage certificates and a certificate of no criminal record. These documents need to be apostilled and can be submitted at the Slovakian embassy in Israel or in Slovakia, depending on your preference. However, you may need to provide additional documents, depending on the type of permit you are applying for. Note that the processing time for the application may take about 90 days, or longer if you submit the documents at the embassy in Israel.

Below are the different types of permits that grant temporary residency:

Business permit – intended for business owners who wish to establish a business in Slovakia. The initial capital investment required for setting up a business is €4,000 if you are setting up alone, or €5,000 if you are setting up a family business. If you wish to extend the permit, you will need to show data indicating the profitability of the business and the taxes you pay. In the first year, you will need to obtain approval from the Labor Office to open the business, after which there is no need for approval. To open a business account and handle documents, you will need to physically arrive in Slovakia.

BLUE CARD – a special permit granted to workers in positions that require them in Slovakia.

Student permit – granted to those who are accepted to a specific institution and present a proof of enrollment. If only one of the spouses is studying in the country and has been granted a student permit, the rest of the family will be entitled to a temporary residence permit for the same period as the studying family member.

Permanent residence

After residing in Slovakia for about five years, you can apply for permanent residency. After about 10 years from the date of obtaining temporary residency, you can apply for citizenship.

Are you thinking about relocation? If you are interested in a consultation and/or tour of Slovakia before making an important decision, leave your contacts and read the article on this topic.

The new law regarding Slovak citizenship

On April 1, 2022, an amendment to the citizenship law was passed in Slovakia, which greatly simplifies the acquisition of Slovak citizenship in certain cases, or guarantees its preservation. The amendment regulates three main issues:

It allows citizens of the Slovak Republic who have lived for a long time in the territory of another country to acquire citizenship of that country without losing their Slovak citizenship.

Regarding the situation of people who lost their Slovak citizenship due to the tightening of the law in 2010, it is important to know that their citizenship will be restored based on European standard principles of citizenship acquisition.

The amendment simplifies the conditions for acquiring citizenship for Slovaks living abroad and people whose fathers were citizens of the Slovak Republic. This is the most important paragraph for Israelis and makes the eligibility check for Slovak citizenship even more worthwhile. It is important to note that without a specialized lawyer, it will be very difficult for you to operate according to the new law, and you should learn it thoroughly and stay updated on changes. Therefore, we recommend working with an immigration lawyer when deciding to check the issue of Slovak citizenship.

How to obtain a Slovak passport

The Slovak passport is considered one of the strongest passports in the European Union and allows entry into various countries, such as the United States, without a visa. Holders of this passport are entitled to benefits, ranging from shortening queues at the airport, through subsidies for studies and medical services, to the possibility of living and conducting real estate transactions within the European Union.

There are two ways to obtain citizenship:

The first way is to apply based on roots in the country. You will need to prove that one of your parents or grandparents was a Slovak citizen or entitled to it. You must submit the documents attesting to this, translated into Slovak, and signed with an apostille. Also, if you decide to send these forms by email, you must attach copies of the passport, including changes in personal details if made.

The second way, as mentioned above, is by residing in Slovakia for at least 10 years, after which you can submit an application. We at TOGETTHERE specialize in the subject and will be happy to assist you.

Steps to obtain a Slovak passport – for “Slovaks living abroad”

In the first stage, a request must be submitted for the issuance of a Slovak certificate to a person residing outside of Slovakia, with the help of which the person who received it will be able to receive the rights entitled to him and subsequently obtain Slovak citizenship.

A person entitled to receive the certificate is someone who does not permanently reside in the country, who is a Slovak citizen, or whose second or third-generation family members are citizens of the country.

The response to the application takes about 60 days, and the certificate expires when the person is granted permanent residency in Slovakia. The documents to be attached to the application are:

  • Birth certificate of the parents or grandparents holding citizenship.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Two color photos of the applicant and his birth certificate.
  • A copy of the passport and identity card of the applicant.
  • Certificate of good conduct.

In the third and final stage, an application can be submitted to obtain a Slovak passport and citizenship. It should be noted that processing the file takes up to two years.

We at TOGETTHERE have extensive experience in assisting immigrants to Slovakia and will be happy to assist you in any of the required procedures, both for obtaining certificates and for obtaining a Slovak passport.

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