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    7 Ways Immigration to Slovakia Will Improve Your Life

    If you’re considering temporary or permanent immigration from your country, you’re undoubtedly facing the million-dollar question that will determine your future: Where should you migrate to? You may have heard the names of various countries being thrown around, but once you discover the unique advantages that characterize Slovakia, you will likely choose it as your preferred destination.

    Living worldwide

    The average Israeli finds it challenging to adapt in many countries around the world, making immigration increasingly difficult. The foreign mentality, even in progressive and advanced countries, the difficulty in finding work, and numerous other factors make immigration quite challenging. For this reason, Slovakia is considered a preferred destination because it offers many advantages that are not found in many countries around the world.

    Personal and continuous security in Slovakia

    Immigration to Slovakia is relatively safe, and not without reason. Slovakia is a country with low crime rates compared to other European countries, which instills a sense of personal security during your stay in the country, free from concerns of crime, drugs, or theft. The low crime rate allows you to feel that you are in a fair place with minimal risks and without fears of different street gangs, acts of harassment, vandalism, or anything that could potentially harm your property or well-being.

    Road safety – safety in life In terms of traffic violations

    Slovakia ranks relatively low compared to European countries, which means that you are relatively safe on the roads since you are unlikely to encounter reckless drivers or unsafe drivers who view traffic rules as mere recommendations. This means that you can feel secure even when you are on the road in your private car, as well as when your children or close family are on the roads.

    Jewish life and Chabad in Slovakia

    Although Slovakia is not known for its developed Jewish community, you can still find Chabad houses that exist in Bratislava and provide Jewish life for all Jews residing in Slovakia. Additionally, Chabad operates a system of kindergartens, schools, and study institutions in Slovakia, as well as regular provision of kosher food. Furthermore, Chabad allows you to celebrate all the holidays and be in Slovakia while maintaining a connection to Israel.


    Slovakia is characterized by people with a pleasant and generous nature, which means that the environment around you will be nice and pleasant. The service personnel in Slovakia also provide quality service, so in any case where you need service in one of the stores or businesses in Slovakia, you will be met with a kind and courteous reception and perfect manners – until you are satisfied.

    Political security without wars

    Unlike various countries in the world that occasionally experience small or large wars, Slovakia is a country with excellent relations with its neighboring countries. The Russia-Ukraine conflict serves as evidence that good relations with neighboring countries are much more than a privilege, making Slovakia a highly recommended country.

    Economic security

    The cost of living in Slovakia is relatively low, and the general price increase in the world following the COVID-19 crisis did not significantly affect Slovakia. This means that Slovakia provides long-term economic security, which allows for savings for children alongside a high standard of living. Moreover, a wide range of job opportunities can be found in Slovakia for various educational levels. In parallel, education in Slovakia is free, which allows for significant savings for families with children, and the cost of health insurance is low and includes a wide range of medical scenarios.

    Quality environment alongside nature and scenery

    Slovakia is a country characterized by breathtaking landscapes and scenery, and the water flowing from the taps in Slovakia is relatively clean. Environmental quality is highly regarded in Slovakia, encouraging conservation and preservation of nature over time, without being harmed by harmful substances. Additionally, in Slovakia, you can find mountains, lakes, and green nature. During the winter months, it offers beautiful skiing sites

    that present various challenges for ski enthusiasts

    In summary, immigration to Slovakia through Togetthere encompasses a range of benefits: personal and continuous security, road safety, Jewish life and Chabad, a pleasant mentality, political security without wars, economic security, and a quality environment alongside nature and scenery. Togetthere is ready to provide you with everything you need for immigration to Slovakia, with professional guidance that ensures your complete satisfaction.

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